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FDB Møbler
In the early 1940s, some young, brave furniture architects were tasked with developing beautiful, functional furniture at attractive prices. Good furniture design and high quality should not only be reserved for the most affluent in the community.

31.900 kr

FDB Møbler

Stóll J52B eik

98.900 kr

FDB Møbler

Stóll J46 eik/olía

48.900 kr
79.800 kr
79.800 kr
172.500 kr

FDB Møbler

Skápur A232 eik

552.000 kr
62.900 kr

FDB Møbler

Skemill J83 natur eik

71.000 kr

FDB Møbler

Hilla f/A232 eik

18.800 kr

FDB Møbler

Hilla B5 L100 eik

54.500 kr
47.900 kr
26.900 kr
47.700 kr
51.700 kr
104.000 kr
123.000 kr
399.000 kr

FDB Møbler

Kollur J27 eik

38.900 kr