Skurðarbretti MINI 25×17, svart

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3.900 kr.

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Vörunúmer: END-4048


A small, light and elegant board for those smaller chopping jobs in the kitchen. Don’t let its size fool you: This Mini Board will soon become your go-to kitchen staple for regular chopping and buttering. Classic, light and smart. 

This chopping board is designed to withstand extreme conditions. 

Endeavor Wood Fiber is made from FSC-certified recycled paper materials.

Based on the notion that a chopping board should be able to withstand all manner of everyday challenges, you can chop away on it using your sharpest knife and then chuck it in the dishwasher when done. You can even put hot items directly onto it, as it can handle temperatures of up to 170 degrees. And thanks to the Night Black finish, the Endeavor Board doesn’t lose its own colour and nor does it absorb other colours.

Wood Fiber combats natural bacteria, making it perfect for the kitchen, while the soft stoppers underneath keeps the board firmly in place during use. 


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