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8.600 kr.

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Heimsending 1-3 Dagar

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Vörunúmer: SEB-301730037


The activity toy can be used from when the child is born, and will offer new activities that can be explored as the child develops. Activities that help stimulate the child’s motor skills.   

The toy consists of: 

  • a baby mirror for self-recognition
  • an abacus and mini maze for fine motor skills 
  • two sides with visually stimulating patterns 

The activity toy encourages tummy time (for strengthening neck muscles) and will later encourage the child to crawl. The “wheels” are equipped with rubber trim to protect floors and make the activity toy quieter when it rolls across the floor.   

With this activity roller mirror, your child gets a good opportunity to challenge and test their motor skills. The activity roller mirror has three long sides and each side has a play module, each offering its own type of activity for motor training and sensing. In addition to the mirror, this rolling toy also contains an abacus with three lines with accompanying wooden balls, and a labyrinth with two round, moving buttons that develop your child’s fine motor skills and sense of direction. Start by using the baby toy as a motivating factor in front of the baby when it needs to practice lifting its head and strengthening the neck and abdominal muscles. Your child will be able to see their own reflection in the mirror or look at the two ends, each with their own pattern. 
As the baby gets a little older, it will reach out, touch and fiddle with the baby activity toy. The child will soon discover that the toy can roll away when pushed, and this will motivate the child to inch its way across the floor and later crawl after the rolling mirror.

The wooden wheels are protected by a rubber edge so that the product does not damage the floors or cupboards it might bump into. At the same time, the rubber edges also make the product quieter as it rolls across the floor. 

With this activity rolling mirror, your child can benefit from the various activities at various stages of their development, as they acquire more motor skills within their first year in this world. 

The activity rolling mirror is made in a quality that can be handed down.

The activity toy was designed in Denmark.

Recommended age: 0+.
Labelling: CE, UKCA.
Cleaning: wipe with a cloth.


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