Púsluspil 1-10 TOES/BUILDERS


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1.800 kr.

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Heimsending 1-3 Dagar

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Vörunúmer: SEB-301530028


Teach little ones to count to 10 with a beautiful counting puzzle made from FSC™️- certified wood and other certified materials. The 20 pieces, which fit together in pairs, are decorated with characters from Sebra’s two themes: Busy Builders and Teeny Toes.

Play and learning go hand in hand – the counting puzzle is a perfect example of this. Here, children learn through play by counting the animals on the big pieces and finding the matching number on the small pieces. 
„How many elephants are there here? 1, 2 – then we need to find the piece with the number two“.

The colours of the two matching pieces help the child see the connection between the number and the number of animals, creating experiences of success you can build on.

The sturdy counting puzzle comes in a colourful storage box to keep the pieces in when you’re not playing. It’s easy to take on a trip and all you need is an even surface to lay the pieces on.

A lovely Danish-designed gift for a third birthday, where the child is ready to learn to count in a fun way.


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