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Vörunúmer: TR-50020094


The Langelinie Pavilion in Copenhagen is a post-war Modernist construction whose simple composition consists of three rectangular boxes of different sizes stacked one on top of the other. The pair of architects Eva and Niels Koppel have created modules made of steel and glass, which are oriented towards the horizon and offer a view of the Copenhagen waterfront, home to the famous Little Mermaid.

When the Norwegian designers Anderssen & Voll were asked to design the stackable Pavilion armchair for & Tradition for this historic, multi-functional venue, they wanted to combine classic modernity from the 1950s construction with a new modernity.

“”Ordinarily tube chairs from the 1950s are quite angular, with a certain rigidity, we wanted a softer look that is still stable.”” Aspens Full

With soft curves and graceful silhouette
From every angle, the Pavilion chair creates a light, lyrical, graceful silhouette. The chair is made of bent tubular steel and bentwood. The frame, seat and back are visually coordinated and create a chair that fits timelessly and elegantly into any environment. He is an eye-catcher through the soft, generous curves and filigree steel tubes of the frame. He is great as a chair at the dining table, in the kitchen , at the desk in the nursery but also in modern cafes or stylish hotels.

Stærð: Height: 76 cm, depth: 52 cm, length: 56 cm
Litur: Black
Efniviður: Seat and backrest: Oak veneer
Structure: Steel powder coated

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