Rúm 75 ÁRA Afmælistilboð


Lestu meira um 75 ára afmælisrúm Jensen hér

Þessi vara er sérpöntuð. Afhendingartími er breytilegur eftir framleiðendum en tekur a.m.k. 6 til 12 vikur, vinsamlegast sendið fyrirspurn á epal@epal.is til að fá nánari tímasetningar.

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649.000 kr

Senda fyrirspurn

Vörunúmer: JEN-75AFMÆLI


Lestu meira um 75 ára afmælisrúm Jensen hér


The Jensen Celebration is all about sleep quality. For example, we have included one of our most exclusive mattress toppers, Jensen Sleep III. The reversible mattress also features latex, providing excellent air and moisture transportation. The Aloy® 2.1 spring system continuously adapts to your sleeping position and weight distribution. Lastly, a completely new textile design as well as fabrics for the mattress and headboard adds to the uniqueness of this bed.

We source our fabrics from the best producers in Norway and Europe. Natural sheep’s skin inspired the thick texture, and the heavy chenille is truly soft and cosy. It consists of 94% recycled polyester and 6% recycled cotton. 

The other fabric is equal parts timeless character and modern sophistication. The fabric is both durable and soft, consisting of 100% polyester (of which 53% is recycled). The textures of these fabrics harmonize perfectly. The fabrics merge technological innovation with sustainability and both come in earthy, natural colors. 


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