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14.900 kr

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Vörunúmer: SEB-100430009


The Sebra baby bumper fits The Sebra Bed, Baby & Jr., but it also fits a standard 60×120 cm cot. If the baby bumper is too long for the bed, it can overlap with one end on top of the other, allowing the baby bumper to be adapted to a smaller bed.

The baby bumper must only be used in the baby bed’s top position.

The ties must be tied and adjusted with a knot on the outside of the baby bed. For safety reasons, do not make loops in the ties. The baby bumper must be fastened with tied knots. If the ties at the bottom of the baby bumper are not used, these must be cut off completely so that the baby cannot come into contact with them. Functional cords must not be cut off due to the risk of unravelling.

Discontinue use of the baby bumper at the first sign of damage.
Recommended age: 0–6 months.

WARNING! Ensure that the ties stay securely attached to the cot.
WARNING! Remove the baby bumper when the child can sit without assistance.
When the child can sit up or stand without assistance, they often use the baby bumper as a step to climb out of the cot, which can lead to the child falling out of the cot.
WARNING! Keep away from fire.

The baby bumper has been tested and approved in accordance with EN 16780:2018 Textile childcare articles.

Washing instructions: machine washable on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees.

About recycled polyester filling
The filling is made from 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles which have been collected and cleaned, after which they are shredded, re-melted and turned into new, recycled fibres. The plastic bottles are thereby given new life instead of just ending up as waste.  

Lengd: 360 cm

Hæð: 26 cm 




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