Minnisspil NIGHTFALL


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1.800 kr

Heimsending 1-3 Dagar

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Vörunúmer: SEB-301530014


Memory game consisting of 30 pieces with different illustrations from Sebra’s Nightfall theme. Children will find different motifs on the pieces, including Twinkle the hedgehog and Shadow the badger.

Find the pieces that fit together while practicing the ability to recognize, remember and separate motifs. Each piece has rounded cards, measuring 6×6 centimetres.
The memory game is simple and quick – children can find pieces that fit together on their own, or you can play the game with two or more people, where the one with the most matches wins. Each player takes turns. The youngest player starts, and if you get a correct match, you get to try again. The trick is to remember where the pieces are, and also to have a bit of luck. If you would like to make the game a little easier, you can leave out some of the pieces, leaving e.g. just 10 or 20 pairs to be turned over and matched. 

The memory game comes in a nice little storage box.

Recommended age: 3+.


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