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Bakki NIC NAC 3 blágrár

4.800 kr

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Vörunúmer: NOR-373028 Flokkar: , , ,

In Nic Nac, Nicholai Wiig Hansen has combined his passion for a stringent, industrial look with refined details, which give the design a balanced expression.“It was important to get the interaction between the proportions and the thin edges right. In order to add lightness and dynamics to the design, I have created a perforated pattern. That makes Nic Nac more domestic in appearance. It also creates a play on shadows and a camouflage effect, which arouses curiosity, so you want to see what’s in it,” says Nicholai Wiig Hansen.

Stærð: 22 cm x 11 cm x 4 cm
Efniviður: Powder Coated Steel