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Hvítvínsglös PREMIUM 54cl 2stk

3.550 kr

Á lager

Vörunúmer: ROS-29601 Flokkar: , , ,

The elegant Premium white wine glass from Rosendahl is one of the big boys in its class. The generously-proportioned glass with its large surface is ideal for aromatic white wines, as it gives the wine space for the bouquet to develop fully. The pretty glass with the long, slender neck is part of the stylish Premium range – which, besides this white wine glass, also includes glasses for red wine, champagne, beer, spirits and water. Set the table with the complete Premium range for a consistently stylish, elegant and consistent look, or mix with other glasses to achieve a more off-the-wall look for your dinner table.

Stærð: 9,75 cm x 21,9 cm
Efniviður: Blyfrit glas